Other than the elements, the directions in Vastu Shastra are the most important factor of this ancient practice. When constructing a house, making sure that everything is in the right corner is of utmost importance and this is why it is necessary for people to know all about this. Here are the eight directions in Vastu Shastra and their specific characteristics:

1. East: East stands for sunrise, or new beginnings. It is very advantageous for people who are trying to end something bad and getting started with something new. It is the direction of prosperity. Here are the things in the house that can be in the eastern part of the house or face the eastern direction:

  • The entrances to the house, living room, study and the place of worship should face the east.
  • Treasure boxes, lockers etc. should open towards the east to promote prosperity.
  • No kitchen or toilet should be in the east.
  • East direction should not be in a more elevated range than the west, south west and the North West directions.

2. West: West, is probably the most pitiable direction. Out of all the Vastu directions, this is the one that has more instructions for ‘don’ts’ than ‘dos’. People who live in the western part of the house or have entrances opening to the west direction do not lead a happy life or a prosperous one. The western direction is the direction for women; however, even then the success of the woman will not be complete or really big. The west is the direction where the sun sets, which means that this direction is not really good for beginnings. There are the things that one needs to be aware of about the western direction:

  • It is better to have a staircase or a tank in the west than anything else.
  • One could consider having an office here, as a second choice of offices, especially
  • Store the garbage bins or build the garage in the western direction of the house.

3. North: North is the direction that is best for the business people who are interested in applying some Vastu in their lives. The planet that rules over this direction is mercury, which makes it really beneficial for people to have offices in this direction. In fact, it has been found that the UV rays cast by the sun have the least negative effect in the northern parts, so having any open space in the northern area would be a good move. The north is really auspicious and the following steps have to be taken care of when one is trying to take advantage of Vastu for better life. within the house.

  • Have the office in the north part of the house or the building for maximum
  • It is better if there is a slope or elevation on the north side.
  • Keep construction in the north to the minimum, so as to maintain the efficiency at success. highest. If there are perennial constructions in the north, prosperity will certainly vanish.
  • Do not have any toilets or garbage bins in the north.
  • Do not put any staircases in the north, for it can promote financial loss in one’s
  • Do not keep the kitchen in the northern part of the house either.

4. South: The south is quite a contradictory direction. There is some fear among those who follow Vastu Shastra about this direction. This is because of the fact that there are mixed life. feelings about whether this direction works for people or not. Say, if one builds a house with a south facing entrance, they might be successful for the first few years, but after that the money will begin to stagnate and eventually start decreasing. Hence, it is better to use the south direction in cycles, so as to keep all the bad luck far away.