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How to make your child’s study better with the help of vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra for studies and remedies

Vastu Shastra for studies: Education is life long pursuit. We never stop learning and growing. Vastu Shastra helps your child grow in a right direction if proper principals are applied, To study well with good concentration one can take help of Vastu Shastra principals to improve upon.

  1. we will first have to identify the place in the house where the child should sit and study. The North-East direction is best for students, this place in the house is good for meditation and concentration.
  2. The bright study room gives proper ambiance for studying, the brightness should not hurt the eyes.
  3. The facing while study can be in the east or the north direction, use white or light shades on the wall.
  4. You should keep the table neat and well-maintained standing firm on the ground.
  5. The chair used for students should not be a revolving one use four leg chair.
  6. Keeping the books well arranged on the table makes it look neat and clean, good  Vastu Shastra for studies to take effect.
  7. Install a Swastik or a Saraswati-yantra frame on the north-east wall. This will give a very positive vibration to the place and energy in the room will always positive.
  8. Display the certificates trophies won by the child in the South-West corner of the study area ( room). This will always help to build the confidence of the child and improve the skills also
  9. Play Gayatri mantra in the house to energize the place.
  10. teach your children some good deep breathing exercise and concentration techniques to improve the memory.


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