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placement of main entrance according to vastu

Entrance to the house

we all have this query in our mind that while building a house or while purchasing a flat that where should be the entry or the main door of our house according to the Vastu science.

The main entry of any place might it be a house, shop, office, palace or a fort is the most important part of the whole place, anyone visiting these places will first encounter with the main door.

The main door of any place should be attractive, easy to identify, easy to get into and should give the basic idea about the place.

in Vedic Vastu it’s suggested that there are 32 doors in one house and among these doors, some are good some are very good and some are not so good and some are bad. so we have to be sure of the main door placement in our house so that the house in which we will be staying will give us best results and prosperity.

main door

The main door and all 32 doors ( pads)

  1. Shikhi                         Fear of fire
  2. Parjanya                     More of a girl child.
  3. Jayant                       Good profit of money or wealth
  4. Indra                         Get royal pleasure or happiness
  5. Surya                          More increase anger
  6. Satya                           More telling lies
  7. Bhusha                       More cruelty
  8. Akash                         Fear of theft.
  9. Anil                             Less children
  10. Pusha                         Lead to servitude.
  11. Vithetat                      Lead to meanness
  12. Ghrashat                Money and prosperity
  13. Yama                          Increase in fear of death
  14. Ghandharva              Causes poverty
  15. Bhringraj                   Government lead problems
  16. Mrig                            Problems to children
  17. Pitre                            Short life and poverty
  18. Daudarik                   More expenditures.
  19. Sugreeva                    Loss of money.
  20. Pusshpadant         Increase in money.
  21. Varun                      Increase in luck or happiness.
  22. Asura                          Fear of royalty.
  23. Shosh                          Increase in money and illness.
  24. Paapyaskhma            Illness and accumulation of sin.
  25. Rog                              Fear of fights and conflicts.
  26. Naag                           More enemies in relatives.
  27. Mukhaya                Gain in male child and money.
  28. Bhallat                    Gain of wealth or prosperity.
  29. Som                          Male child and wealth.
  30. Bhunjang                   Enmity with the son.
  31. Aditi                            Wickedness in ladies.
  32. Diti                              Becomes poor.