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Vastu for Bathroom and Toilets

Bathroom and Toilets


Bathroom and toilets are one of the important parts of a house. Every one in the house uses these two places many a time in the day. Like all other rooms and parts of the house, these two rooms are prescribed a proper place in Vastu Shasta.

The positive energy is flowing in the house from the East and the North directions, toilets in these directions or zones will get energies disturbed and contaminated. Built the bathrooms (no toilets) in the North Zone or the North-East zone which is the zone of the water element. Toilets and septic tanks in this zone is a Vastu Dosh.

Bathrooms and toilets placed in the center of the house (Brahma-Sthan) are a severe Vastu Dosh. Toilets made in the North-East corners it brings major health issues, accidents. Never place a Puja room or Kitchen under or above the toilet.

The South-West corner is of the Earth element, do not place the bathrooms and toilets in the zone keeping the zone dry always. There are financial issues, losses, unnecessary expenses, in the case of the southwest toilets.

South-East is the corner of fire element and it is the place of the kitchen in the house. Bathroom and toilet in the South-East zone also turn the energy negative and there are health issues to the people staying in the house. Do not make toilets near the puja room kitchen.

Vastu Shastra principles for Bathroom Toilets


North-West is the zone for placement of bathroom and toilets, construct the septic tanks in this zone. Do not place toilet seats exactly in the corner of North-West. Colors used in the bathroom and toilets are of equal importance, do not use orange and red colors in the toilet and bathrooms. Use pastel colors in the toilets.

Toilet seat should be kept in the alignment with the North-South direction, not facing the sun. Keep the taps, showers and water bodies in the North or North-East walls of the bathroom. Provide proper ventilation to the toilets. Keep plants in the toilets for keeping the energy positive.




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