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Vastu for Factory

Vastu  for Factory

Vastu Shastra plays an important role in all aspects of life. Land, houses, shops, offices or may it be a factory. The demand for Vastu Shastra in the business world is also amplifying. Vastu for factory, if applied gives good results, it helps to increase the productivity and overall growth by creating a beautiful work environment.

Apply Vastu Shastra principals in the very initial planning stage and construction of the factory, administrative buildings, and workstations. Vastu Shastra is applied when there are renovations and extensions in the factory. People working in a conducive environment, higher productivity, more turnover and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Problems of Bad Vastu

  • Regular breakdowns of machines and halts in the production process.
  • Disputes between the employers and the workers.
  • No new product development.
  • Problems with the quality of the products, and manpower.

Important points in Vastu for Factory


  • The land selection is a very important part of Vastu-Shastra, the land for factory must be square or rectangular in shape.
  • The slope of the land must be towards the North, East or North-East directions.
  • The direction and placement of the main gate and sub gates, security rooms/cabins.
  • Soil testing of the land is a must, to find out the moisture and soil-density of the land.
  • The direction and location of the building structures. Facing of the main gate.
  • The setup of the machines is a crucial element of any factory, right placement is significant for production activity for heavy and light machines.
  • The direction and location of the Owner, CEO, Accounts, administrative area and Human Resources is of great importance.
  • The direction and location of technical staff, and workers.
  • Raw materials, semi-finished good, and finished-goods must have a proper placement.
  • The placement of puja room, kitchen, canteens, gas stoves, visitors room and toilets must be according to the principals of Vastu-Shastra.
  • The direction and placements of the electrical equivalents and power houses are crucial.
  • The placement of septic tank in the factory is of great concern.
  • The water bodies like water tanks bore wells, water purifier must have a right location in the factory.

Many factories have a guest house and staff quarters on the premises, these aspects are important and require proper placements. The plantation is a must in the factory and Vastu-Sashtra has prescribed various kinds of plants according to its direction to develop a beautiful environment.






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