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Vastu for kitchen

Vastu solutions of kitchen


The kitchen is the crucial part of the house. Placed in the FIRE element according to Vedic Vastu. The South-East corner represents the fire element in the house so vastu for kitchen is in this zone. This is the hottest area in the whole house.


Food is the essential need of any human being. Food which is giving us all the energy should be prepared in a proper place. Here is where Vastu Shastra helps us finding a right place for cooking.


Kept open to the East so that the morning sun rays bring the positive energy into the kitchen. Ladies mostly work in the kitchen and make food in the morning hours from 6 Am to 9 Am. Women working in this places receives a lot of sun rays which is the best source of Vitamin D. keeps the women healthy.




Vastu for kitchen: Important principals to follow


  • The stove and the electrical items like mixer, grinder, the oven keep it along the South-East zone.
  • The sink used to wash utensils to the North or the North-East zone.
  • Face towards the EAST while cooking.
  • Fridge facing or opening towards the North.
  • Storage towards the South and West wall.
  • Maintain distance between the gas-stove and the sink.
  • Shades of Green and Red on walls and pieces of furniture.


The second best vastu for kitchen is the North-West zone. The North-West corner represents the AIR element, Air supports Fire. Kitchen if not possible in the South-East zone, then place it in the North-West zone, in this zone also keep the Gas-stove towards the east wall and face to the east when cooking.


People sleeping in South-West zone will develop hot temper, frequent quarrels among them. Bathroom and toilet are not allowed in this zone, toilets will make the energy negative and will give bad results. Vastu cuts will also have negative effects, avoid Vastu cuts in this direction.


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