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where to place the bedroom

Vastu Shastra for bedroom


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of our house, we spend our most of the time in the bedroom where we sleep for almost 6 to 8 hours. Vastu Shastra for a bedroom is a topic of great importance. Our body requires sleep for development. When a child is born it sleeps for the whole day because the body is developing and when we become old and the development is over,  sleep slowly disappears.

Everything has a proper place in the house let it be the living room, kitchen or bathrooms. We also require a right place so that we can have a sound sleep, with the help of Vastu Shastra we can now identify a proper place for our bedroom.

Vastu Shastra for bedroom has identified South-West zone or the South-West corner in the house good for bedrooms. The South-West direction or the zone is the element of Earth. Earth element is the heaviest and stable element it ensures a right place for a human being to take rest.

Bed position and the head position is also of an equal importance. The bed should be in the East-West direction or in the North-South direction. The magnetic field of the earth is in the North-South direction, so one can avoid this magnetic field by sleeping in the East-West direction. keeping the head towards the East.

A human body has its own magnetic field, the head is the North-pole and the feet are the South-pole. We know that the similar poles in the magnet repel and the opposite poles attract. When the head in the North direction we will not have a sound sleep, because of the magnetic field. Whereas when we keep our head towards the South direction it will give us a sound sleep.

Vedic Vastu Shastra also describes the bed size the length: width: Height, there should be a proper mattress. The heavy cupboards in the bedroom should be kept in the South direction opening towards the North. The windows should be in the East or the North wall. There should be proper curtains in the windows, the mirror in the bedroom should not reflect the bed.if the bed is reflected in the mirror one should place curtains on it. The bathroom should be in the south or the North-West direction.

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