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Vastu Shastra remedies for shops

Vastu remedies for shops

Shop or an office is the place of great importance. We all spent most of the time working at our workplace. The job in the shop is to sell goods and earn a profit. Vastu Shastra remedies for shops helps us to do our job in a better way and make good profits.

Shops having more of the front width than the rear, its auspicious called “Singhmukahi”. The vice-versa is called “Gaumukhi” it is inauspicious. The shop should face North or East because good positive energy flows from these two directions.


Shops facing the South and West directions should not be termed bad ( some remedies are required ). The owner sitting in the South-West direction, facing the east or north direction will give good results. Place the Accounts department, billing, switchboards electricity meter in the South-East direction.

Goods in the shop not moving so fast should place it in the North-west direction. North-West being a corner of Air element will push the goods out of the shop. Photo or the idols of God are to be placed in the North-East or the East direction, gods facing the West and the person performing Pooja facing the East.

Vastu Shastra remedies for shops helps us knowing not to place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of main entrance. customers should have an ease in coming in the shop

Vastu Shastra remedies for shops, Furniture

All tables, workstations counters should be rectangular in shape. We want to make the customers sit for a long time keep the sitting table rectangular in shape and for faster moving keep the tables round.

we should be keeping the center of the shop clean and empty. the center of any place is a Space element keeping it open always.

Things in and around the shop are having an equal importance. Vastu Shastra remedies for shops states that tree, street light pole or any other pole should not be in the front of the shop. It causes Vedh ( obstacles ).this creates problems in the business.

Toilets should be placed in the North-west direction in the shop. The North-East corner ( area) must be kept clean without any heavy items placed in this area

Heavy goods can be stored in the South, South-West and West directions.



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