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Land selection according to Vastu

Land and Varna

Vastu Shastra talks about the Varna system. Varna is a Sanskrit word which means type, order, or class. people divided in this Varna system on the basis of their work. any one born in a particular Varna can be classified into other Varna on the basis of what kind of work the person is doing for a living.

Varna and four basic categories

  • the Brahmins  :         priests, scholars, and teachers.
  • the Kshatriyas :         rulers, warriors, and administrators.
  • the Vaishyas    :         merchants.
  • the Shudras     :         laborers and service providers.

The selection of land selection according to Vastu is a very important process to build a house. anyone who wants to build the house in the land should have a good examination of the land. one should know about the color, taste, slope, and dimension of the land for a better living. land selection according to Vastu take one more step forward and defines land for people according to their profession.

Vastu Shastra has defined different kinds of land for these four varnas on which they can construct their house. The plot or the land on which the house is to be built is called the Vastu. If the house is build according to these Vastu principals will give good benefits of health and prosperity to the people living in the house.

the land and its six different categories

  1. Color
  2. Smell
  3. Taste
  4. Dimension
  5. Plantation
  6. Slope

Land selection according to Vastu

Varna Color Smell Taste Length : Width Plantation slope
Brahmins White Ghee Sweet 1: 1 Kush North
Kshatriyas Red Blood Astringent 1: 1.125 Darbha East
Vaishyas Yellow Rice Spicy 1: 1.168 Durwa West
Shudras Black Alcohol Bitter 1: 1.25 Ghass South


these principals are now difficult to follow as everyone now lives in a flat system. one can apply some of the principles in their houses by changing their floor tiles according to the color described. plants can be used as per Vastu Shastra.

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